Contractor Info

We are licensed by the State of Texas with License #6144. In 1993, our company was awarded the distinguished Select Contractor status by RAINBIRD.

When you hire a RAINBIRD Select contractor, you are assured of quality and a history of customer satisfaction.  As a Select Contractor, SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE adheres to a level of professionalism and code of ethics established as the best in the industry.


SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE has Irrigation Crews dedicated to service calls for customers with systems installed by SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE and others as well. While we are a RAINBIRD Select Contractor, our Technicians are skilled and experienced with all types of systems.


SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE installed RAINBIRD sprinkler systems carry a 5 year warranty against manufacturer’s defect. In addition, all workmanship and other materials are guaranteed for 1 year.

  Personal Design and Selection

SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE will design a landscape plan to your liking base on your requests, needs, and preferences.

SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE’S goal is to make your home or business something to be proud of, from grass to shrubs and trees.  In our transient community it is important to have “curb appeal” for resale when the time comes.


All Material is warranted for 6 months from the date of installation, provided that there is an irrigation system to water the plants.  Sod is guaranteed for 30 days when done in conjunction with an irrigation system designed and installed by SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE.

  Hardscape can include patios, walkways, fence and retaining walls.

A beautiful yard very often includes more than plantings and sprinklers, and each property offers its own unique advantages and challenges.  SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE can incorporate Hardscape aspects into your plan to make the most of your yard and even offer a place to relax and enjoy your personal outdoors.

Sloped yards may benefit from a retaining wall to create a raised area or bed. Different looks can be achieved with stones, blocks or timbers to suit your taste.

A custom patio is a great way to enhance your property as well as a place to enjoy it. Various levels, shape or designs can be worked into any space you desire to make your patio fit perfectly with your home and yard.

A stone walkway winding around your home or stone patio stretching out into your yard is attractive and practical. Such an addition adds both splendor to landscaping and value to your home.

A custom fence is a great way to insure safety around your house, from a privacy fence, chain link or wrought iron.

For commercial contractor, SPRINKLERMAN COVE LANDSCAPE as the capable of building a retaining wall to your engineer spec., using Pavestone Diamond or other stone materials, along with using Geo Grid materials to hold the wall and compaction of the soil.

Quality of Workmanship

Our Hardscape Specialists begin with the appropriate foundation to support your Hardscape for years to come. Using only the finest materials means not only the top dressing of rocks or stones, but also the base that supports it, with precision cuts and connections that only the most experienced hardscapers can accomplish are standard with our patios, walkways, walls and fences.